Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ode to me

Birthdays. I’ve passed some milestones—16, 18, 21, and (sigh) 30. I don’t really look forward to them anymore. I mean, it’s a special day and all, but it’s not like I get overly excited or anything. OK, maybe a little.

When my friend asked me what I’m going to do today, I told her “Nothing much. Watch Grey’s Anatomy, eat cake, go out to lunch with work and dinner with the family.” Nothing much. Pretty much a normal Thursday. Except for the cake. And the meals out. And the constant array of “Happy Birthday!”

Then yesterday, Mom’s birthday card arrived in the mail. And it was so, so silly. I read it over and over, and couldn’t wait to share it with The Mr. And seriously considered scanning it in to share with the blog world, but I decided that might be going a little overboard. The card came complete with a check, which I wasn’t expecting. (Thanks, Mom!!)

“I can get online and get that coat that I saw on sale today!” I exclaimed to The Mr.

So even before dinner, I raided one of my favorite Web sites and clicked on that coat. Rats! They were out of the color I wanted, but I still got one that wasn’t drab black or grey (I’m desperately trying to get more color into my wardrobe). While I was there, I decided to do some more shopping. I mean, after all, I had birthday money to spend.

The problem? I’m so ridiculously practical about nearly everything that it’s, well, ridiculous. I searched through sale items only and after picking out three things and not even spending half my money, I actually considered putting at least one item back ($11 in shipping!). I had to convince myself that this money was for me and that shopping was what it was for.

Then I started to think about putting the rest of the money in the bank and just spending it on bills or other ridiculously practical things. Trying to think of something I want that’s just for me, that’s something special was actually kind of hard. I had sarcastically mentioned to a friend the other day that since I’ll be starting my morning walks again soon (have to say goodbye to this sub zero weather we’re having first!) I should get myself an iPod. But I couldn’t practically convince myself that I needed/wanted an iPod just for my walks. Not to mention the fact that at 6 a.m. when it can still be pretty dark (especially in the winter), I like to hear what’s going on around me. Never mind that I normally have a dog with me and that bad people are often deterred by big animals that bite.

So, I’ll deposit half of my birthday money to cover what I already spent and get cash for the rest. That might be dangerous, but I’m hoping that in the next week, I’ll think of something that I forgot I simply can’t live without.

Oh, I have to mention that today is my wonderful sissy’s birthday, too. (No, we’re not twins.) Enjoy your 20’s for one more year. Hahahahahaha!


At 11:44 AM, Blogger Lyrehca said...

Happy Birthday! I'd say go for the iPod, but it's your money--enjoy it!

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Ottoette said...

Happy Birthday! It's my brother's b-day also.
Go for the iPod, or better yet, a no-name MP3 player. They are so great and you can just put one ear bud in and leave the other out so you can hear your mugger/boss/hubby sneaking up on you!

At 5:04 PM, Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy Birthday!

At 12:32 PM, Blogger amishhalfbreed said...'s been a few days...what else did you decide to get? And, I know I have already menitong this..but happy (belated) birthday.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger amishhalfbreed said...

BTW - that menitong word - suppose to be mentioned. I wasn't paying attention, obviously.


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