Monday, September 18, 2006

The Real Reason We Go To Weddings

Friday night I sat outside in front of a gorgeous, peaceful waterfall. As the outdoor sanctuary filled with friends and family, I reveled in how much love was there. My cousin and her significant other had been together for eight years, brought a beautiful son into the world four years ago, and were now finally getting married.

Four bridesmaids, including my little sissy, preceeded the bride, who looked stunning. As I listened to C and D exchange vows they had written, I looked around and saw all the couples getting closer, holding hands tighter and exchanging smooches.

Yes, we’re there to love, honor and support our friends and family, but we’re also there for ourselves. To remind us how we felt when it was us up there, or to imagine what it will be like when it's our turn. I couldn’t keep my eyes off C and D—or my children. They were extra special beautiful and sweet to me in those moments. No. 2’s hair felt softer than ever, No. 1’s eyes and smile the most vibrant I had ever seen, and I wondered if I’d always remember just how No. 3's voice sounded.

I longed for The Mr. to be there with me (he was working; the wedding was out of town). I wanted to silently reminesce with him about the day that was ours. To chuckle about sobbing through my vows, to recount the moment the sun pierced the stained glass windows of the church and shone right on his face as he was saying his vows to me, to squeeze each other’s hands and feel each other’s skin, to gently kiss and whisper ‘I love you.’

Weddings are full of hope and faith and love. And renewal.


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