Friday, March 10, 2006

And the magic number is...

My A1C was checked yesterday for the first time in a year. Last year at this time it was 7 and yesterday it was 5.9! I'm so psyched. I have a feeling that it was even lower during my pregnancy, but I can get back there.

So my first-ever appointment went very well. The doctor and his nurse seemed surprised that 1) I had essentially referred myself there (no doctor told me I should go) and 2) that I had every last blood sugar I ever recorded with me. Again, pretty proud of myself on both of those counts. He checked my feet, asked me if I had any pain, blah, blah, blah. We discussed alternative treatments, although he prefaced with saying that "what you're doing isn't broken." He suggested going on orals, even though I said I didn't think that was approved for breastfeeding women. He checked, and the one drug (Glucophage, I think) he was thinking about was considered "probably safe" for breastfeeding women.

A lot of what we discussed will essentially be up for consideration when I'm no longer breastfeeding. It was nice, though, that he took the time to go through some of that stuff. He seemed to take a very laid back and open approach to me and my diabetes. And I was happy in a way that I wasn't scolded for my hefty eating.

He did, however, sort of leave some decisions up to me whether or not I wanted to change to orals. I told him I was there for his opinion, that I would do what he thought was right for me. So we discussed my problem areas (fasting, post-breakfast and insatiable appetite most likely due to breastfeeding) and changed my Lantus regime slightly. Instead of splitting my dose, I now take one whopping dose in the evenings. Our hope is that it will help with my fasting and post-breakfast reading.

My follow up isn't until July, which makes me feel more confident that he thinks I'm doing a good job. I told Mom last night that I felt like I sort of wanted him to be harder on me because I did admit to not-so-good eating choices. But then I realized that he probably wants me to realize that I need to change those habits for myself and not because someone tells me to. And, it's possible that I'm being a little too hard on myself. I have a way of doing that.

So, I've been on a high all day from my fabuous A1C results!


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Congratulations!! 5.9 is really something to be proud of :-)

Are you on insulin or just doing diet/exercise?

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Erica said...

duh I reread and saw that you are taking Lantus :-P


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