Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Like a vice grip on my optic nerve

I have the world's worst headache. and it must really like me because it's been coming back most days for the last several weeks. i would understand if this was spring or summer. i could blame it on allergies then. but it's the dead of winter. in fact, although today's high in the middle of the country is supposed to be around 63, they're calling for yucky weather by the weekend. overnight lows of just 9 degrees. but i digress. so this headache is like a sinus/migraine/tension. i tried eating. didn't work. tried three extra strength tylenol. didn't work. the only thing left is to lie down. but i'm at work. i'm not leaving to feed the baby for at least two hours, so i can't even use that as a way to rest my eyes in the near future.

maybe i'll just crawl under my desk for 20 minutes...


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