Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The following is an example of a somewhat typical conversation between me and No. 2. If something like this happened once in a while, I would be OK with it, but this kind of thing happens all. the. freaking. time.

Background first: No. 2 is having "surgery" tomorrow morning to remove the tube from her left ear. She's on her second set of tubes and they've been there for about two years. Her ENT was able to take the one out of her right ear, but thinks the left one is caught up. So he'll knock her out and gently remove the tube without hurting and subsequently traumatizing her. No. 2 is interestingly anxious about tomorrow's procedure.

OK, this was yesterday in the car after daycare:

No. 2---Mom, what's tomorrow again?
Me---Tomorrow's Wednesday, babe.
No. 2---So, tomorrow's Thursday?
Me---No, tomorrow's Wednesday, sweetie.
No. 2---Oh.

Um, huh?


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